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AKZENT Hotel Berlin 
Alter Wiesenweg 11
D-29549 Bad Bevensen
telephone: +49 (0)5821 506 0  

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The source of health and popular holiday location in the Lüneburger Heide region - Bad Bevensen offers relaxing activities and restful holidays for leisure time and health in an ideal environment.

Since 1975, the small town in the Heide has been known as a spa resort. This relatively young spa site is perfect for people who want to do something for their health and maintain their physical fitness in a quiet forested region.

The 12 hectares of the spa park along the Ilmenau River connect the spa quarters with the old town and is a starting point for beautiful walks, for example to the Medingen Monastery, which is close by.

Pergola Plattform im Kurpark Bad BevensenPergola im Kurpark Bad BevensenPastorenstraße in Bad BevensenDreikönigskirche in Bad BevensenDreikönigskirche in Bad BevensenRatsapotheke in Bad BevensenStadtbummel durch Bad BevensenIlmenauZurücklehnen im Kurpark Bad BevensenFontänen im Kurpark Bad Bevensen

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