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Iodine-brine thermal baths in Bad Bevensen

Only a few meters away from our hotel

Healthy relaxation, wellness, sauna or bathing in the thermal water.
The iodine-brine thermal baths in Bad Bevensen, right next to our hotel, offer a lot of possibilities!

Only a few meters away from our hotel: Thermal baths, spa parks, and spa house. From morning to evening, you can enjoy the soothing properties of the iodine-brine and the varied sauna landscape without limits.

During your stay, you will have free access to the thermal baths every day. Here is the website for the iodine-brine thermal baths in Bad Bevensen.

Even after a few minutes in the thermal brine you will be doing something good for yourself

Bad Bevensen is the only mineral health spa in the Lüneburger Heide. Here you can combine wellness, relaxation, preventive health care and recuperation in a unique way.

In the large thermal outdoor pool, vitality pool, health pool and aqua sound relaxation pool, you can swim in the thermal brine which is rich in iodine with a water temperature between 32 and 35 degrees celsius. Bathing in these therapeutic waters activates the body’s regulatory system.

The salt content of the brine triggers an osmotic reaction on the skin. Water is removed from the skin, which leads to a change in the skin’s mineral content. The change in the skin’s mineral content is connected with various health effects (therapeutic indications). This is the reason why you should not swim or remain in the iodine-brine for longer than 20 to 30 minutes.

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